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Valabenci aspires to stand as an esteemed luxury fashion brand recognized for its exceptional array of high-quality ready-to-wear clothes, all designed in New Zealand. From oversized designer t-shirts to high quality hoodies, our aim is to elevate you above the ordinary, ensuring a memorable and enduring impact.


Ensuring uncompromising quality is our commitment, achieved through a fusion of textiles and garments sourced from Bangladesh, America, and Portugal. These materials undergo rigorous pre-testing employing diverse techniques. Our proficiency in screen printing and embroidery contributes significantly to extending the lifespan of every piece.

Safety and satisfaction reign supreme at Valabenci, where we guarantee secure transactions and a reassuring 30-day money-back policy, placing your peace of mind as our utmost priority.


Greetings, I'm Louis, and I'm here to personally articulate my overarching mission.

My ultimate aspiration revolves around establishing an iconic and esteemed brand that will stand the test of time. My vision encompasses forging a legacy that will serve as a wellspring of inspiration for generations to come, including my future lineage.

I'm dedicated to crafting an improved existence for my family while radiating joy to those in my sphere of influence. Accomplishing this objective will grant me the precious opportunity to share meaningful moments with the cherished individuals in my life. The genuine gauge of my triumph lies in materializing this reality. Once I've achieved this milestone, I'll be certain that my mission has been fulfilled.

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